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My work explores the relationship between the environment and emotional memories. Motivated by current socio/political circumstances, I seek to reveal the human experience according to what is happening in the world and my interpretation of the human response.
Influences as diverse as Dali, Magritte and Van Gogh, new combinations are distilled from both traditional and modern dialogues. As a lifelong learner, I experiment with mediums that will best express my emotions and draw the viewer into the work.
Since adolescence, I have been fascinated by the traditional understanding of the universe, and the motivation behind human nature. I seek to uncover the humanity in everyday life and, at times, find solace in the simple things. As a Humanist, I chose to express the virtues of humanism through my art.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario of Dutch parentage, Ingrid has spent most of her life in Toronto. She was moved to create art from a very young age, drawing wildlife and developing an appreciation for nature.
Having travelled extensively with her husband through Africa and South Asia, Ingrid was profoundly affected by the cultural diversity and inequity in third world and developing countries and subsequently expresses such through her art.
Apart from training in a commercial art program, Ingrid is largely self-taught in fine arts. She honed her skills through courses and workshops at Sir Wilfred Laurier University, Haliburton School of Art, and The Art Gallery of Ontario and as a member of local art guilds. With a keen eye for texture and relief, together with a need to experiment and push the boundaries with acrylic and a multitude of mediums, Ingrid has created art that speaks to a variety of social/political issues. Some recent comments about her art include adjectives like; beautiful, powerful, strange, and dramatic...strangely compelling to look at. “Ingrid, this has captured how I've been feeling the last two days. Deeply profound.”

Thank you for spending time with my paintings and warmest regards.

Ingrid Mueller


24.10.2022 04:21


Wonderful to see the path you have taken. Your work is beautiful

08.08.2019 23:34

Jen Aginian

What a beautiful website. I was only familiar with Ingrid’s beautiful sculpture. I understand her work far better now. I didn’t realize she worked in so many mediums.