Namibia was the featured cover art for the January 2016 issue of South Asian Review. A great honor.

  • Oportet Omnium Est Fide

    Very expressive and powerful painting Ingrid! The darkest side of humanity lost in desperation, so many times in our history, and the waking up, Renascence of consciences showing the light and the best of Humanity, it has been a vicious circle over and over again; I believe also in the power within our self and the connection with the Divine, I respect I love and seek the truth for we all have the same power to create Our Own world of peace.
    Your painting is an awakening of these thoughts and feelings Dear Ingrid.

    WONDERFUL AND So important to have faith and believe, without it is a EMPTY Feeling and live without directions,to keep us bonded and faithful for generations to come,thank you for that beautiful illustration of FAITH!

    Beautiful and complex depiction of faith. No kindergarten version here! The chosen faith can also have dark implications? This painting is magic in its evocation of sun/fire and like marika says above, hard to stop looking at it.

    wow I don't often feel anything when I see a painting but this certainly stirred something in me I love everything about it. Oh then I read your comment! I have faith in your painting.

  • No Longer Relevant

    So gorgeous with so much meaning, as soon as I spied this one it immediately took me back to when I was about 3 years old and I buried my beloved tattered and threadbare stuffed rabbit after digging a small hole in the dirt road outside our house. This memory is with me vividly to this day 60 years later!! I think I was thinking that I had out grown my rabbit, worn it out and was a big girl now :)Who knows, but I just love this teddy sitting on the road and the thought provoking message, well done!!!

    It is meaningful, painful, it triggers emotions setting off the past...nevertheless very expressive and beautifully symbolised with teddy in the unknown...

    Oh my goodness this reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit or a puppy dog. My daughter she's now 14 but still has her teddy bear that is the same color a little bit thinner than your bear. This is really cute piece, thought provoking, and heart-tugging. Very good work and smart.

  • Xenophobia In The Comfort Of Your Home

    Your message is more then clear and I love your execution, excellent work!

    an excellent and very sensitive work Ingrid! your works are always so powerful!

    Moving work Ingrid. This is something! What an accomplishment of detail. Wow!

    Love your surrealistic style and your thoughts about humanity.You did a real great job on this painting and it will make people thinking...

    This painting is so powerful Ingrid. It is heartbreaking what is happening. I find the way you juxtapose the comfort of home life alongside the tragic circumstances of real people truthful & very moral & symbolic. Common decency dictates that we just do not sit & look, or even observe & comment but take action & do something. Very well done!