When I create, it often includes a story, that continues like chapters in a book. It is best to view these paintings sequentially, to fully appreciate the narrative behind the painting.


The first collection is called THE JOURNEY:


This collection of paintings is about a man named Harold, in his late thirties, who has recently been downsized from his career in finance.  Feeling defeated and a host of other emotions, Harold sets out on an existential journey to find a place where he can find peace and contentment and make his life work.




11.11.2019 00:34


This is just wonderful! I have just been reading Aristotle on happiness. He would agree with the first two images but did not see the third. That would be Plato. Thank you so much for sharing th

11.11.2019 00:57

Ingrid Mueller

You are welcome, Rose. I am happy you have understood the depth of my art.